We supply, design & hire load monitoring equipment for heavy industrial applications worldwide.

Used in marine, energy, subsea, entertainment, construction, manufacturing and civil engineering industries our products are designed for applications where continual load monitoring, measurement, calibration and testing is required. Installations can be wireless or wired on a permanent or temporary basis.

Why Choose LMS?

With over 18 years’ experience in specialist load monitoring LMS has a proven track record developing a range of products and services tailored around customers needs.

LMS continues to build the business and extend its offering with products such as the new Combi-kit as well as increased hire capability as well as providing a new ‘FAST-TRACK’ repair and calibration service specifically created to support customers who need a rapid turn-around when conditions are critical.


lms product guide

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Full details of our products & services

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Crane Safety Systems

Crane Safety Systems

Rayco Wylie Crane Safety Products

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load link

Load Link

Accurate and reliable tensile load monitoring for lifting applications.

Suitable for all industry sectors including marine, offshore and subsea. Due to the robust, lightweight high tensile aluminium design these load links are Ideal for mobile applications and available as either cabled or wireless with a range of options.

Retro-fit load monitoring to existing applications where shackles are already available and fits all major shackle manufacturers including Van Beest, Crosby and GN Rope.

load shackle

Load Shackle

Robust, compact high tensile steel design from 2Te to 2000Te.

Ideal for precise tensile load monitoring for your lifting, static, pulling or weighing applications. Suitable for all industry sectors including marine, onshore, offshore and subsea.

You can be confident each shackle and load pin is up to the task with the certified load test before delivery.

load pin

Load Pin

Accurate real-time load monitoring of any load bearing pin connection or joint.

Load pins are integrated in mechanical structures and mechanisms to provide precise load monitoring accurate to 1%, safety factor of 5:1 and all proof loaded to 150%.

Used in construction, automation, marine, offshore and subsea, these pins can be designed to suit your application with capacities from 2Te to 2000Te.

running line tensiometer

Running Line Tensiometer

For winch, crane, towing, laying and tensioning applications.

Monitor speed, payout for wire rope, synthetic rope, dynema, fibre optic and cable systems in marine, offshore, onshore and subsea applications.

Incorporate data logging and the matched line monitor display for capacities up to 120Te.

compressive load cell

Compressive Load Cell

Compressive load monitoring indoors, outdoors or subsea.

Perfectly at home in the laboratory or hostile marine environment, the compact and robust stainless steel design can be used for weighing, force measurement and calibration.

Standard capacities from 2Te to 1000Te, accuracy better than 1% and each unit proof loaded to 200% (LOLER compliant) and certified.

Load Cell Data Logging

Advanced data logging software provides real time monitoring of up to 100 load cell devices simultaneously

Quick and easy to access remotely your data on computer, tablet & smart phone via web browser. Export data in standard JSON or CSV formats and customisable reporting to suit your needs.

Options & Accessories

product options available

Extend, modify and enhance product capabilities from our range of available options.

Choose to buy or rent, wireless or wired, add handheld displays, upgrade to Ex standards. Perhaps you need to install and setup data logging or build a system which can be monitored and managed remotely.

Give our experienced team a call for more details.

hire load monitoring equipment

Product Rental

Each rental item is fully maintained, checked and certified before leaving the facility so you can be confident it’s ready to go as soon as it arrives on location.

Rental periods are flexible from a single day to longer-term hire, just give us a call to discuss your requirements and we’ll provide you with a competitive quote.

Rental Enquiry

Design & Testing

Design, manufacture, service and test load monitoring equipment.

LMS have multiple test beds in-house, that enable us to provide a quick and effective repair and calibration service.

verticle load testing

Our technical experts can carry out inspections and repairs, upgrades and conversions, scheduled or project calibration and certification and bespoke reporting.

We can also provide stress analysis and measurement for client products whether in-service or in the laboratory.

Key facilities include:

  • Vertical & horizontal
  • 50 Te and 100Te test rigs
  • Comprehensive data logging
  • A dedicated strain gauge area
  • Mechanical technicians
  • Electrical technicians
  • In-house electronics & machining

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Repair & Calibration

We can service all types of load cell products not just our own.

We understand that sometimes calibrations or essential repairs become a priority issue and equipment needs to be back in service as quickly as possible.

fast track 24 hour service

FAST-TRACK repair and calibration provides a 24hr priority service designed to support customers when they need it most. Call or visit the website to find out more.

  • Load links
  • Load shackles
  • Load pins
  • Compressive load cells
  • Running line tensiometers
  • Load washers
  • Shear beam load cells
  • Displays

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